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At Rock Valley Dental we specialize in empowering you to be the best version of yourself. Now our team can provide you with a new treatment to improve your appearance and wellbeing. Smoothlase is a non-surgical revolutionary new treatment that uses our FDA approved Fotona LightWalker Laser energy to combat the signs of aging. Smoothlase is special because it is a cosmetic treatment that regenerates collagen growth around the face, allowing for a more youthful appearance that is in line with what nature always provided you. With Smoothlase you can firm and tone, plump, and naturally improve the quality of your skin. You can say goodbye to fillers and toxic Botox injections or needles. Smoothlase is non-invasive and less costly and it won’t leave you looking artificial.

Why is restoring collagen important?

After 20 years of age, 1% of collagen is lost every year. It is lost at an even higher degree for women after menopause. During a Smoothlase procedure the laser rays can stimulate collagen deep within the tissue of your face allowing a healing process to take place. Restoration of that collagen, allows your face to maintain a smoother, fuller complexion and younger look because elasticity is restored. More elasticity means less wrinkling and even prevention of future wrinkles from developing. Who isn’t excited about that!

What are all the benefits of Smoothlase?

  • Tightening and toning of the skin to allow for a more youthful complexion and less wrinkles because the skin produces its own collagen.
  • There are no artificial or toxic fillers or foreign substances injected or incisions involved.
  • There is no bruising, or scars afterward and the results develop gradually, no radical unnatural looking changes.
  • There are no post-op restrictions and treatment is performed from the inside of the mouth.
  • There is no downtime required waiting for recover or medications required to heal.
  • Healthy rejuvenation results are long-lasting and easy to maintain and cumulative allowing for improvement with each session.
  • Treatment is non-invasive and cost effective as compared to other cosmetic procedures.
  • No sensitivity to sun occurs after treatment.

What to expect from Smoothlase and how much treatment do I need?

During your initial consultation, our trained clinician Dr. Amber Meyer will examine your face to best determine the number of treatments that are optimal for your specific care. Generally, Smoothlase treatment is based on a person’s age. Every decade of an individual’s life usually requires one treatment. For example, a 35-year-old individual would need 3 treatments for optimal results. The procedure itself will take 30-45 min time and treatment sessions are given 3-4 weeks apart to allow for full collagen restoration. The treatment is performed inside the mouth, there are no prerequisites or restrictions post treatment other than we recommend the person receiving Smoothlase drinks plenty of hydrating water to maintain healthy skin.

During Smoothlase you may feel various sensations during the treatment. Comfort levels vary person to person, but generally people report sensations of heat or mild discomfort in areas with heavy nerve distribution. Most people leave the office feeling comfortable. Any tingling, tenderness or slight swelling of tissues is normal and temporary as your body does what it needs to do to heal the tissue and build the collagen you need for a more youthful glow.

If you would like to learn more, please schedule a consult today!

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