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Myobrace/Healthy Start

A t Rock Valley Dental we believe receiving early treatment for signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing and establishing correct oral habits and behaviors is crucial for the best results and lifelong benefits in both dental and overall health. New treatments, such as Myobrace and Healthy Start, work to provide children with proper oral function in conjunction with proper nasal breathing. These goals are based on research that demonstrates oral function and habits significantly impact children’s facial and dental growth and development and most importantly the development of their airway.

Hereditary factors along with poor oral habits such as mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing, and thumb sucking or bottle feeding can contribute to small jaws and crooked teeth. Other issues such as tongue ties (which limit palatal growth), blocked noses, and asthma can also cause incorrect facial and dental development. Currently, 3 out of 4 children have crowded teeth and incorrectly developing jaws. Offering treatment between ages 3-10 offers the best oral facial results because children’s jaws and facial development is at its peak. Although not as effective, even older teens and adults can show improvement with the correction of oral posture and muscle tone with the Healthy Start and Myobrace systems.

Problems with crooked teeth in the past have been treated with braces. Braces alone do not treat the underlying causes of deficient jaws and crooked teeth. This is why retainers are required after braces to prevent relapse. Pre orthodontic treatments such as Myobrace and Healthy Start offer early opportunities to prevent braces but more importantly they address the issues that lead to crooked teeth and airway issues. Airway health is an exploding field in dentistry and medicine because we can now see the signs and symptoms of sleep disordered breathing in our children and work to prevent them before they become chronic airway problems, such as sleep apnea, later in life. A healthy airway leads to better health, better sleep, improved cognition and behavior, and better facial growth and development.


The Myobrace and Healthy Start systems utilize removable oral retainers that are worn 1-2 hours a day and while sleeping at night for most efficient treatment. These trainers are based on your child’s age and unique treatment needs. The series of trainers work in conjunction with myofunctional exercises that we will teach your child in order to best correct poor oral and mouth breathing habits. Myobrace and Healthy Start assist the tongue in resting at the top of the mouth, and this is what drives palatal and jaw development. They also work to achieve nasal breathing, lip together positioning, and correct swallowing pattern. The results of Myobrace and Healthy Start help minimize the need for braces, retainers or extractions. They provide the most natural way of achieving straight teeth, but it is also important to remember each child is different and depending on when a child starts treatment, co-therapies including, myofunctional therapy, palatal expansion and end stage orthodontic care may be necessary to achieve optimal results. The focus of these therapies is setting the foundation for the correct development of the jaws and airway. The byproduct of this development is straight teeth, but straight teeth are not the primary goal rather the added benefit of this treatment strategy. For it is good oral function that results in the most stable and cost effective long term orthodontic and lifelong oral health results.


The time it takes for Myobrace or Healthy Start to work is dependent on compliance. It may take time for your child to get used to the trainer appliance, but they are generally well tolerated and comfortable for children. If a child is unable to wear the Myobrace or Healthy Start appliance, your child may need an interdisciplinary approach to treatment including but not limited to evaluation by other professionals for issues pertaining to tonsils or adenoids, allergies, tongue ties, nasal restriction/congestion issues and more.

What Myobrace ® treatment does:

  • Corrects poor oral habits
  • Develops & aligns the jaws
  • Straightens the teeth
  • Optimizes facial development
  • Improves overall health
  • Promotes healthy eating habits

How does it do this? By helping the child:

  • Breathe through the nose
  • Correct tongue resting position
  • Swallow correctly
  • Keep the lips together


The Healthy Start and Myobrace systems are changing the way we treat dental problems, and at Rock Valley Dental we can provide you with information and consultation of whether these programs can benefit you or your child. To learn more about these services contact us today and check out the Myobrace and Healthy Start System websites or Facebook pages directly at: FB: @Myobrace FB: @HealthStartChild

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