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Comprehensive Exam

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Do you know why Regular visits to your dentist are vital to keeping your teeth, gums, and mouth healthy? This is because consistent doctor exams play an important role in the prevention and early detection of oral health problems. Recent studies have proven oral health can impact the overall health of your entire body. Even minor oral issues can turn into bigger problems and may result in more invasive and expensive treatments later on. Dental exams are important because they can lower your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and even heart disease. They are also crucial for identification of early signs of oral cancer and are even more important in their role for screening for signs of airway disorders. At Rock Valley Dental, we are committed to helping our patients maintain good oral health by offering comprehensive dental exams.

A comprehensive dental exam is an extensive exam that assesses the patient’s intraoral, extraoral and soft tissues in conjunction with a full set of x-rays showing all of the teeth. A comprehensive dental exam is “health-focused”, instead of “problem-focused”, looking beyond obvious areas of concern. Within this health focus, we will discuss the appearance of your teeth, their function and how this fits into your overall health. This comprehensive approach lets us learn much more about your oral health, and have the time to discuss possibilities for maintaining and improving it.

Your Comprehensive Dental Exam will begin with a discussion with Dr. Koth. It is important for him to understand your questions, interests, and concerns and to learn about your overall health and past dental experiences. Dr. Koth will then thoroughly examine your joints, muscles, tongue, gums and teeth and airway.

What to Expect

A typical comprehensive dental exam includes:

  • Medical history review
  • Dental history review
  • Tooth exam
  • Periodontal (gum) exam
  • TMJ joint screening
  • Muscle screening
  • Airway screening
  • Posture assessment
  • Oral Cancer screening
  • Cosmetic dental evaluation
  • Digital photos of your teeth
  • Any necessary digital x-rays

When you arrive in our office for your appointment, Dr. Koth will perform a thorough evaluation of your mouth, gums, teeth, head and neck. He will check if your teeth are showing signs of tooth decay, assess your risk of gum disease, and check for possible signs of oral cancer or airway compromise. The dentist will also perform a bite analysis exam, examine your jaw joints, access body posture, and take x-rays of the structures in your mouth. Then he will discuss your oral health goals and habits with you, and share with you some techniques and tips to maintain a healthy smile.

Following your comprehensive dental exam, you will be given an individually tailored treatment plan, detailing the risks and benefits of your decision regarding your dental treatment, and will present you with options that will best fit your needs and priorities.

Final Thoughts

These comprehensive exams offer so much value and will benefit you for many years to come. A comprehensive dental exam is much more than a mere check-up. It is an important component to receiving the very best dental care. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions regarding the benefits of a comprehensive dental exam.

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