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Meet Our Therapy Dog Team



Katy and Onyx

Do you have dental anxiety?  Does your child have a hard time feeling comfortable at the dentist?  We can help.  At Rock Valley Dental we have a therapy dog team that can comfort you and your family during times of increased stress or apprehension at the dental office.

Onyx (Onnie Boy), our beautiful, sweet English Retriever has been at our office since the first few months of his life. He has helped bring joy to the staff and patients in so many ways.  His owner Katy Koth, a trained physical therapist and wife of Dr. Koth, accompanies him to our office often on a daily basis or by appointment.  Onyx was certified along with Katy as his handler by Therapy Dog International at one year of age, a testament to his excellent temperament. TDI holds the highest standard of therapy dog credentialing and is a volunteer based therapy group which means the good he does extends way beyond our office.

We want your visit to be special and memorable in all the right ways.  If you, your child or a loved one would benefit from a canine companion like Onyx at your visit, contact us today!

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