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Epic X Laser

Epic 10 is our Undisputed Classic Diode System.


The Original Epic Has Never Been Better

Epic 10, which was originally launched in 2012, remains one of the most widely used diode lasers around the world. Our latest version of Epic 10 offers the most up to date diode laser technology available in select international markets, including pre-initiated tips, updated footswitch technology and more.

Epic Pro

Surgery, Pain Relief and Whitening At Your Fingertips

Epic 10 features three distinct treatment modes, greatly expanding the utility of your Epic 10 laser. This laser provides Surgery, Pain Relief and Whitening procedures from a single device.

Teeth Whitening

Laser-Assisted Teeth Whitening

In-office teeth whitening remains in demand and can be a steady, reliable source of revenue for practice. With affordable per-patient costs and dramatic results in as little as 20 minutes of chair time, your practice can begin benefiting from laser whitening today.


Start and Finish Laser Surgeries Faster and Stop Cold Sores in their tracks

Faster dental treatment means less time in the dental office and more time for yourself. Plus did you know this, cold sores and canker sores can be treated and healed on average 3-7 days faster painlessly with laser treatment. Depending on the stage when treated, it is possible for cold sores to be prevented entirely.

Teeth Whitening

Create Brighter Smiles Faster

In-office teeth whitening has affordable per-patient costs and dramatic results. In as little as 20 minutes of chair time, you can begin benefiting from laser whitening today.


Provide Fast Relief From Pain

Epic 10 is cleared for temporary relief of minor pain, including pain associated with cold sores, canker sores, TMJ or other thermomandibular disorders. Epic 10 provides precise settings related to the amount of laser energy dispersed into targeted tissue to provide the therapy you need safely and efficiently.

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