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Our office is unique and distinguished because at Rock Valley Dental we incorporate oral, airway, and systemic health outcomes into modern, comprehensive dentistry. Our exceptional, patient centered, integrative trained providers are dedicated to creating a comfortable, positive dental experience for patients of all ages.  Committed to lifelong learning, at Rock Valley Dental, our goal is always to provide you with the highest level of dental health and excellence based on the latest research in dentistry and healthcare. Whatever your concern, you can be assured, Dr. Koth, Meyer, and Blankespoor along with their staff will work tirelessly to provide you with a perfect smile and a lifetime of excellent oral health and healthy airways. 



BIG NEWS: Dr. Amber has completed her advanced training on our latest new technology for the office, the Fotona Laser. Fotona is an advanced new dental laser technology that is virtually replacing the needle, drill, and scalpel in the dental office!!!! Did you hear that!! What does this mean…..

Treatment Virtually Free Of The Needle And The Sound Of The Drill -for most procedures including filling cavities! With Fotona, there’s no need to feel anxious anymore. The dental laser is quiet, reliably free of the needle, drill, blood, and pain and for the majority of procedures you won’t have to worry about waiting for anesthetic to set in.

Treatment is Quick, Easy, And Done In A Single Visit. Because of how fast Fotona works, most procedures can be completed in just minutes
It gets better…..

Fotona Therapy has amazing options For Snoring and sleep disordered breathing. At our office, Dr. Koth, our diplomate in sleep medicine is qualified to treat the oral airway in a procedure called Nightlase. 

 NightLase® therapy is a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment for increasing the quality of a patient’s sleep. NightLase reduces the effects of sleep apnea and decreases the amplitude of snoring by means of a gentle, laser-induced tightening effect caused by the contraction of collagen in the throat, tongue, and surrounding tissues.  It can be completed in a normal office visit and is a great choice for anyone struggling with sleep, or even those who want to prove athletic performance or Vo2 max, as sleep and oxygen utilization has been proven as one of the most important factors in sports recovery.

Listen up Ladies. This laser also allows cosmetic facial collagen firming which Dr. Amber is qualified to perform right here in our office.

As always You can count on Rock Valley Dental to bring you the most up to date and researched treatments. We are so proud of our providers!




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Proudly serving:  Rock Valley  ,  Sioux Center, IA  ,  Sioux County, IA  ,  Rock Rapids, IA  ,  Inwood IA  ,  Hawarden IA  ,  Alcester SD  ,  Hudson SD  ,  Doon IA  , and surrounding areas


    Very friendly and knowledgeable

    I recently had to find a new dentist for my kids and I had heard great things about RV Dental so we decided to try it. The staff was so friendly and Dr. Meyer was great and very informative. My kids did so well and had a great first experience. I'm so glad to have found a great place that we all really like!

    Current Patient

    Best dental experience!

    I had an impacted wisdom tooth removed and it was the best experience ever! Everyone was super friendly, the massage chair was a nice bonus and the price is unbeatable. It was definitely worth the 3 hour drive for their exceptional service.

    Current Patient

    Best dentists around

    My kids love going to either of the dentists. They actually ask when they go next which they have never done until we started going Rock Valley Dental! The staff is awesome!!

    Current Patient

    I never liked going to the dentist, but I always look forward to being here.  Thank you all for your hard work and patience with me.

    Fatima A.

    I recommend Dr. Sam for any of your dental needs.  He was recommended by my PT in SFSD for a possible tongue tie (freq choking/heimliched twice).  He was able to do the release & recommend a ST to assist in pre & post exercises.  He evaluated my TMJ & I am now pain-free with vitamins/splint/education.  He guided me through the process to diagnose & treat sleep apnea issues.  It has improved my quality of life.  GREAT educator!  He has researched dentists in Hawaii & recommended caregivers for my tongue-tied granddaughter.  He gives great care, has great chair side manners and his staff are awesome!  I recommended him to a pre-dental student for an internship as he is a role model for future dentists!   

    Beth E.

    We are so happy we found Dr. Koth to help my daughter with her orthodontia.  She was missing some permanent teeth.  With his extensive airway knowledge he guided us through the lengthy but rewarding process while keeping her smiling.  Rock Valley Dental Staff are so kind & professional.  My daughter is inspired to be a dentist like Dr. Koth!

    Jane Stanley,MPT,PTC Integration Physical Therapy

    Wonderful treatment! Excellent service & my denture is fitting much better! Thank you!

    Pat B.

    Exceptionally Friendly + Knowledgeable

    Our family has been nothing but impressed by Rock Valley Dental. The staff is always so patient, kind, and well organized. Dr. Koth is on the cutting edge of dentistry, especially in regards to understanding how teeth/ mouth/ tongue/ airways can impact so many other functions of the human body. It is truly a blessing to have Rock Valley Dental to care for our family!

    Current Patient

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